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11 Years of Realizing Your Vision Specialty trade luxury furniture division for artisan handcrafted gloss clear furniture. For more than 10 years, the family business ByNurayBirtane has been designing and manufacturing world-class pieces. Anything You Can Imagine Clearly Over the years ByNurayBirtane has become synonymous with precision, reliability and expanding creative boundaries to delight customers. Our design team collaborates with award-winning architects and interior designers to satisfy their equally successful and discerning clients. Given an outline or written description, they envision the final form and transform it into a custom design. Each piece can be scaled, modified or customized to fit your vision. Handcrafted from Start to End Everything our craftsmen touch is hand-fitted and precision crafted using the care of an old-world watchmaker. Our most important tool is the experienced eye of the master. The reason our craftsmen love working on such elegant pieces is because they personally embrace the material. History of Quality ByBurayBirtane is unique among special acrylic furniture manufacturers in Turkey since its establishment in the 2010s.

Marketed as Lucite™, Plexiglas™ or other brand names, acrylic is renowned by architects and designers for both versatility and beauty:

Acrylic is the one material that yields pieces of substance, yet with a lightness and clarity that never dominates design.
The warmth of acrylic offers a luxurious feel not found in glass or metal.
The stunning clarity of acrylic eliminates barriers–perfect for accentuating breathtaking views.
Acrylic refracts the colors around it and brings cohesion to a room. This makes it the ideal centerpiece in your design or perfect accent material.
The flawless simplicity of acrylic eliminates the need for you to seek client approval of color, finish, texture or grain.

You have bought a beautiful handmade furniture. With proper care, it will give you many years of pleasure. Just as you take pride in caring for a fine silver or beautiful wood surface, you will benefit from taking simple precautions to preserve the beauty of your purchase. Handcrafted acrylic pieces that are works of art; Each craftsman works to express their skills in every beautiful piece of furniture we produce. This gives each piece an admirable value and character produced only by the unique variations created by handwork. These handmade features enhance the beauty of the piece and increase the furniture's lifetime durability.

Always use a clean, soft cotton cloth, such as a men's T-shirt with the seams removed.

DUSTING: Just wipe gently with a soft damp cloth or chamois.

WASH: Wash with a mild soap or detergent and warm water solution. Use as many solutions as possible. Rinse thoroughly with water. Again, using a soft cotton cloth, dry it dry.

DO NOT USE: Window cleaning fluids, scouring compounds, sand cloths, or alcohol, ammonia, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, etc. strong solvents.

POLISHING: Use a good polish for acrylics. It provides high brightness and does not show fingerprints.

SCRATCH REMOVAL: Like fine wood or fine silver, this material can be scratched. But unlike many other materials, a scratch on this surface can be removed.

PROTECTION: Just as with thin wood and metal, the surface of your new acrylic piece must be protected from scratches and harmful elements. Use felt or rubber on the underside of items that can scratch the surface, and drink coasters to prevent clouding from spilled drinks and alcoholic beverages.

We want you to enjoy your new acrylic furniture for years to come. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.