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Acrylic Furniture Cleaning

By :nuray Birtane 0 comments
Acrylic Furniture Cleaning
Acrylic furniture is one of the most preferred products in recent years. It is certain that they leave a sophisticated and entertaining effect on their environment. but how to clean these parts, what to pay attention to when cleaning, how to preserve the shine of the first day, how to take precautions against scratches.

Look for a cleaning solution made specifically for plastics like Brillianize and soft cotton microfiber cloths. It's important to use a product made for acrylic, as many household cleaners break up the material and make it look cloudy. Also, make sure your microfiber cloth has clean small particles trapped in a used cloth.

Remove any dust or dirt, then apply the plastic cleaner to a small area of ​​your acrylic surface. Use your microfiber cloth to gently buff the acrylic. Once the area is fully polished, move on to the next section and continue until the entire piece is clean and polished.

If your Acrylic furniture has scratches, use polish for it.

It is very important that you do not use any product containing amnyak.

Avoid contact with sharp or abrasive items, as acrylic is a product that scratches easily. If you want to place a metal or similarly hard-edged object on top of an acrylic table or tray, she recommends attaching felt-tip felt to the underside of the piece. Similarly embroider a polished table, do not drag anything over it; then, remove the item and then lower it down."
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